Parenting is hard. When you have a child who doesn’t fit neatly into a box, it can be even more challenging. With the Mental Health Mamas, there’s No Need to Explain. We get it. Join us as we share a bit of what we’ve learned along the way, talk openly about mental health, share the voices of other Experts by Experience, work to help you feel less alone and gently remind you to do your best to take care of yourself while also taking care of your people.

Notes and Mentions

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Tina: “No Need to Explain”, you ask? We will use our trailer to, well, explain. I’m Tina.

Serena: and I’m Serena and we are the Mental Health Mamas.


Tina: We are parents of kids who struggle in one way or another. About 6 years ago, we found each other and the world changed! We felt immediately understood and there was literally...NO NEED TO EXPLAIN.

Serena: This podcast has been in the works for a really long time and we are so excited to finally be sharing it with you.

Tina: You might wonder what our credentials might be. We are smart, capable women who are much more than mothers and yet, our education, for this venture, is rooted in a deep seeded experience in parenting.

Serena: Credentials often seem important so we made some up.

Tina: We did.

Tina: MLE = Mama with Lived Experience

Serena: MHM = Mental Health Mama

Tina: EBE = Expert by Experience

Serena: Now for our intentions:

Tina: So our first intention is about connection. We understand how isolating it can feel to have a child who struggles. While well meaning people try to relate and understand, it often falls short. We are here to help you feel that connection with others who understand and totally get it.

Serena: It’s so important. We hope to provide a safe place to listen. We come without judgement and ask for the same from you. None of us get a handbook on how to do this thing, called parenting, and we don’t intend to write it. We ask for grace and will grant you that same grace in our safe space.

Tina: Absolutely. We want to make sure you have a place to feel all the feels. You will hear us laugh and sometimes we cry. Although we try to stay very strength-based, there may be times when we say what we are currently feeling and that may not be so strength-based. We will be real.

Serena: We will be real. We also want to help you take good care of yourself while you are taking good care of your people.

Tina: Mmhm. And we Mental Health Mamas believe in hope—which we do not think is a 4 letter word. We like to think of hope as a verb. Real hope is not passive. It takes work and it can be incredibly hard, but it’s so very worth the effort.

Serena: We really want to normalize the conversation around mental health. Mental health is something we all have just like physical health. Are you well? Do you have good strategies to take care of your mental health or do you need some support? Do you know how best to take good care of yourself while also taking good care of your people? Might you need some outside support?

Tina: And that’s a really good segue into what we do and what we don’t do. While we are happy for you to listen, we are NOT mental health professionals. We are parents supporting other parents on this journey. And while it feels good to connect with others, this is not a substitute for good mental health care. We have resources if you are experiencing a crisis or you need more support. Always refer to the show notes or head to our website

Serena: And a quick moment of truth. We are busy moms and our hope is to bring you two new podcasts a month and we also hope you will forgive us if that doesn’t always happen. Stick with us, we’re so glad you’re here.

Tina: We hope that you will like, share, subscribe, hang with us, as we share some of what we’ve learned about taking care of ourselves while we take care of our people. See you soon!

Serena: Bye!