Tina Hallock
July 22, 2018 | 2 min read

At the end of last month our beloved priest and his family moved to the Midwest. Why is it when people physically leave that you appreciate them more? Don’t get me wrong. Ever time I was in his presence and quite often even when I wasn’t, I appreciated him. He is a kind and gentle spirit who values all of the things dear to me.

I guess what I mean by “appreciate” is that often when someone leaves us (moves or sometimes leaves us in a more permanent way), I take time to reflect. The reflection that is most speaking to me today is about noticing. Our priest, Clark, spent every day noticing things in our world that most of us take for granted. He often posted these things on social media, with not a word “spoken” and I can’t help but believe that this sharing is with purpose.

As I walked today in this beautiful place I live, I too noticed. I tried to use all of my senses to notice the cool breeze after a hot spell. I noticed the smell of bacon as a family got ready to sit down to breakfast. I noticed the flowers and my vegetable garden I have spent time nurturing start to bloom. The birds were singing and the waves were lapping at the shore.

So thanks Clark for the reminder to notice. It is a gift that no matter where you are in the world, can lift your spirits. Because, no matter what is going on in your world, there is always something beautiful to notice.